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Wednesday Night Road Season starts in less than 4 weeks!

Hey Everyone,

The Wednesday Night Road Season start on March 11th.

I am currently working on the schedule. It is a little more involved this year due to possible road closures and road conditions.

The biggest concern is that the bridge over the Rappahannock river in Remington is under repair. The last information I have is that it is closed to car traffic but can still be crossed on foot/bike. We will need to monitor this closely since several of our rides cross this bridge and will need to be re-routed if the status changes.

I am working on alternative routes and/or changing start locations to minimize the impact of the bridge closure. However you may see more schedule changes this season than usual so remember to check the schedule just prior to each ride to verify the ride/start location. For short notice changes, I will send out an e-mail through the forum as well.

In addition, I am hopeful that we will be adding new route(s) with a new start location this year adding even more variety and covering new territory.

I will send out more information as the time gets closer.
If you are interested in checking out the rough draft of the schedule, the links are below.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great 2020 Wednesday night season.

Capt. Craig Or you can use one of the following shorter URLs that will redirect you to the schedule home page with less typing and easier reference. or

Hey Craig-

Was just in Remington- bridge is not passable. Deck has been removed- only metal substructure is present.


Thank for the update Mike.

I will make the changes to the schedule. The first week will still start at Brandy Station but I will post alternative routes that don’t include the bridge.



Here is a Long 29 mile alt to Lakota 25 miler

Captain Craig,

Thanks for all of your hard work in planning the safest of rides for all.