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Wednesday Night Ride Season Starts 3/11!

Hey Everyone,

The Start of the Wednesday Night Ride season is only 1 week away! (1st Ride is March 11th)

For those of you who may be new to the Wednesday Night Rides, this is typically the largest weekly ride in the Culpeper area. It is a social cycling community ride which attracts riders of many different abilities, interests and backgrounds who come together to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cyclists.

The ride format is as follows:

  • The Wednesday Night Ride is an open ride. All are welcome to attend.

  • The season begins on the first Wednesday after the start of daylight savings (March 11th this year) and runs through the last Wednesday in October.

  • Start time are as follows:

March - August 6:00 pm

September 5:45 pm

October 5:30 pm

  • **The Official Wednesday Night Ride Schedule is posted on CulpeperWednesdayNightRide.Com.

    Or you can use one of the following shorter URLs that will redirect you to the schedule home page with less typing and easier reference. or****Remember, this site is exclusively for the Wednesday Night Ride Schedule. **Rides will also posted as part of their area ride calendar on .

  • **The schedule is subject to change.******Please check schedule weekly. I typically do not send out weekly e-mail reminders unless there is a last minute change that will affect the ride,special events (picnics), time changes, etc.

  • Rides start promptly at the scheduled start time. Riders should plan to be on your bike, prepared to ride at the start time, if you are not ready, you will be left behind.

  • Rides are never cancelled due to weather conditions. Each rider must decide whether to ride based on their own level of comfort and safety.

  • The Start location will vary from week to week. Make sure you know where the ride starts each week.

  • Routes are designed to avoid higher traffic areas and take advantage of the different terrain and great cycling roads around the area.

  • Each week’s ride will vary in length and difficulty based on available daylight, time of season and terrain. Due to the wide range of riders that attend, l include alternative routes for those who would like a shorter/easier option. (see below)

  • The primary route is designed to be completed by sunset at an average pace of 14 mph. (Sunset time is listed for each ride.) The alternate routes will be shorter but may or may not overlap with segments of the primary route. In addition, if you are not able to complete the suggested routes within the available daylight, you should consider doing a route as an out and back and adjust the mileage accordingly.

  • **Each rider should choose a route according to their abilities and desired comfort/safety level. **

  • There is no SAG for the rides. It is a good idea to carry a cell phone and cue sheet with you if you are unfamiliar with the roads. Also make sure others in the group know your number and planned route.

  • We have new start location this year. We can now start our rides from the Wayland Blue Ridge Baptist Association in Rixeyville. We will park at the far end of the lower (gravel) lot. This new start location gives us access to the northwest part of the county allowing us to explore new territory with new routes! (Thanks to Andy Gayheart for his help on securing this location.)

  • Lastly, If anyone is interested in hosting a picnic after one of the rides, please talk me at a ride or e-mail me @ If you know you want to host but don’t have a date that is totally fine, I can easily add one later. However, please contact me at least three weeks ahead with your desired date so that we have time to make accommodations in the schedule as needed.

Thank you for your support over the past 10+ years, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great cycling season!

Capt. Craig

We can also have a picnic at the house again this year… date to be determined from one of the Prince Michel rides.

Thanks Dee. We will talk soon and get you on the schedule.

Thanks Captain