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Sunday ride, August 2

Ride from Mt Run Lake Park at 9:00 am. Brightwood - 26-27 miles. Social distancing before & after

Are there multiple groups going out? Average speed? I have a gravel bike, but I do a lot of road riding too. I just don’t want to hold anybody back!

I ride about 14 mph avg and am never in a hurry. Slow on hills cruise on the flats.
Come join us. I think I rode with you in the Madison group.

Probably around 17-18 mph. There might be some riding 16-17. After first 4-5 miles of hills just rolling road so faster.

Hmm, 14 mph I can do, but definitely Not 17-18 or even 16. So, if there’s two groups and one is in the 14 range I’d like to join! Where is the meeting place? I see Mt. Run Lake Park and I think I know where that is, but I’m not familiar with the set up there.

Melanie I will ride with you!


Awesome! Thanks Brittany :slight_smile:

And Wayne!

Here is where we park:

Here is where we park: Mt Run Parking

Got it, thanks! See you tomorrow… m~

From Rt 29 s turn right on Mt Run Lake Rd at the 7/11. When you see the lake on the left go down the hill at the dam and take either your first or second left after crossing the run. We park in a small lot where those two park roads come together.

Perhaps next Sunday if there is a ride, I could probably do 9mph :joy::sob:


So glad you made it out and got the ride schedule. Sorry I wasn’t able to join you as I was moving my daughter, but I know you were in good hands. I will be out for the first time in a while starting this week. I look forward to seeing you. Maybe we can get your sister Gillian to start riding with us as well. See you soon. Dee

Hi DeeDee,
I didn’t even know you were a cyclist! I don’t think we’ll get Gillian on a bike!! Hope to see you on a ride soon…

She’s the one that asked me to get you involved. Glad you are out there. I haven’t been in a long while but hope to be back out soon.