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Safety Concern

The below message was posted on Facebook today from Joanne Faulconer:

Wow, so sorry to see this.

Seeing a driver do something dumb and dangerous is so commonplace it’s not worth remarking on, but one cyclist behaves poorly it’s “loose all respect for cyclist”. Just saying…

You have to remember the cycling community across the country is a small world. And it only takes one person to wreck the local riding scene. Not hard for that lady in the car to take it to police and then next thing you know the police shut down the local group rides.

And it is one thing if the guy is local and those talks can happen to talk with him so it does not happen again. But if he is not it is not cool since I spend a lot of time riding south of Culpeper to stay away from traffic!!! So I am with everybody else that it’s not right that I have to look over my shoulder even more now riding that road for the next month or two.

Thank you,
Chris Jones

Outside Sales Representative for New York Eye.
Covering all of Virginia and South Eastern Kentucky.

All sides of this thread are troubling to me. Consider that one person’s advocacy and assertions of what a cyclist may (or may not have) done in a Facebook post is the catalyst. It’s a she said, he said argument at best.

Some questions;

How were the cyclists’ speed guaged?

Why was law enforcement not called if the speed limit and traffic laws were wantonly violated?

Is it creepy that the driver followed, photographed and posted the cyclists picture instead of initiating conversation?

Living in silence and fear as we pedal is unacceptable. Self policing, education (for all) and advocacy (active and passive) are better goals. That’s my $.02

Jeffery Mitchell