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New to the Area - road rider

I’m relatively new to the Culpeper area - since November and have gotten out to cover a lot of roads in the interim but open to riding with others and exploring more. I’m an early riser and try to be leaving town by 7am but getting earlier as the sunrise gets earlier.
Planning to do 40-50 Sat & Sun - if the weather cooperates.


Hi Kevin,
I like to ride that early when the weather is warmer, but right now I’m going out around midday. Welcome to the area?

Thanks Melanie. Hopefully we won’t have much longer to wait for the weather to warm up.


If you ever want to explore the roads south of Culpeper (Madison County), it is where I do most of my riding since I also live south of the Peper. I do both road and gravel on my road bike.

Same deal here as the weather gets nicer the earlier I will be getting out to ride.

Thank you,
Chris Jones

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Covering all of Virginia and South Eastern Kentucky.

I too ride in Madison as that’s where I live… both road and gravel for me.

Thanks for responding Chris, I don’t believe I’ve been over the Madison way but made my way down to Ruckersville, Standardsville and Monpelier Station. I’m planning on going to Orange this weekend. I may also sign up for the Tour De Madison in May to meet other local cyclists.
I try to minimize the gravel portion of my rides though there seems to be a good number of such roads in the area. Since I’m not familiar with the area I just create routes on ridewithgps to follow on the garmin and then I run into the gravel surprises.