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March 21 Sunday ride

Ride from Silk Mill shopping center in Orange at noon. Park near the outside corner of the lot as possible. Iron Pipe Alewerks available post ride.

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Looks like you had a good ride. Sorry I missed it!

What a motley crew!! :relaxed::wink::wink:

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Sorry I missed it too. I hear you enjoyed Iron Pipe Alewerks. Charlie




I am planning at the last minute a 68 mile, 68th birthday ride on Saturday from my house in Madison leaving at 11 am. (My birthday is today.) Anyone is welcome to ride along. Here’s the route should you want to join along the way. I’ll be riding 14 mph or a bit more probably:

Two things could change the plan: 1) weather; or 2) the arrival of the grandtwins I am expecting at any time. So, if anyone let’s me know of their intentions, I’ll keep you posted if there is a last minute change.

Barry Penn Hollar

I haven’t heard from anyone, but if you were planning to participate, you should know that I have delayed the ride an hour to let the temperatures rise a bit. So, the plan now is to start from 638 Fords Shop Rd at 12 noon.