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Jan. 2, Saturday road ride

Ride from Velo Concepts at 12 Noon.

Charlie C. and I are going to start at 10 AM from Downtown on Saturday January 2nd and loop back to meet up with the group at 12 Noon so we can get in the “100 K on new years day”. Would love to have riders from our regular group join us! -Julie

Hi julie

Will this be all road? What will the distance and pace be. I’m new to riding in the culpeper group. What is the covid requirements for the group?

Ok thanks

@inmate22554 , One source for Current Covid-19 guidelines can be found here: Gatherings are limited to 10 and riders must keep 10 feet of distance. Anyone joining the ride is responsible to self monitor for symptoms and stay home if they have any symptoms of covid-19 or have been exposed to someone with symptoms or who has tested positive for Covid-19. If someone becomes sick they are responsible for notifying their close contacts.

I would like to join, but will probably be slower. Have not riden for 2 months. Need to start up!

Julie, I will ride with you. Charlie

@julieswimru Did you cancel the ride? We are here at VeloConcepts looking for the group.

Showed up at 10am, regrettably nobody there. Looked around surrounding parking areas to no avail. Drank way too much coffee and came back at noon. Despite broken communication, beautiful day riding