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Group Rides, the Global Cycling Community and COVID-19

I am not sure if others are as troubled and conflicted as we are by world events. We are being asked to distance ourselves from each other, however many of us feel we desperately need the support and companionship of others more than ever right now!

The sense of community and companionship within the cycling community is what helps us maintain our health and mental well being.

However, as a community organization, we feel a sense of responsibility to take a conservative approach and not jeopardize the health of others. So I want to inform you of the recommendations made from within the global cycling community.

  • USA Cycling (cycling’s governing body in the USA) recommends CANCELLING all group rides

  • All Organized events, races and fun rides have been canceled across the nation through April 15.

  • Our neighboring cycling communities are proposing 30 days of “no group rides” and maintaining social distance (i.e. solo riding)

In addition, the CDC and the White House are calling for “15 Days to Slow the Spread” and avoid social gatherings of 10 or more.

So while we hate to hear of these extreme measures administration wants to relay this important information so you can make an informed decision.

— CulpeperCycling

Thanks for the post. A conservative approach is prudent.

I hope to see everyone next month.

Capt. Craig

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We probably can’t eat afterwards anyway. Thank you Joe.

Hey team,
I havent ridden with you much, but wanted to chime in on this one. Australia just said that this could go on for 6 months… and I think our government is less likely to call it like it is. basically, two weeks of social isolation will definitely slow the transmission. If theoretically we could identify and quarantine everyone with the virus, we could stop it… but i have heard that the incubation period could be longer than 14 days, and that a large percentage of the infected are asymptomatic, and then there is potential infection coming in from outside. So, the pandemic will not cease to be a threat after two weeks… I would therefore consider other options (here’s two off the cuff)

  1. organize rides in the future for people who have contracted Covid19 and survived it ( i would assume at that point they would be immune and not contageous)

  2. a peloton like communication strategy for stationary bikes… something like google hangouts, or webex is free during the pandemic (for three months) so you could organize a time for a virtual ride, and individuals could ride alone, but with one earbud in using thier smartphone…or in their living room on a stationary bike.

Just a thought.

I salute you all for you team spirit and pro-exercise philosophy.

Anthony Soucek

The other alternative is to keep riding, no drafting, at least 6 feet apart.