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9 Feb. Sunday ride

New ride: Start at Wayland Blue Ridge Baptist Center on Ryland Chapel Road just off Rt 229 at Rixeyville on Rt. 640 East. Park as far away from the building as you can. 23 miles with some hills.

What time were ya thinking on starting?

What time?

Vincent Langan

Is 1 pm okay?

Yes the ride is at 1:00!


Ride is at 1:00pm

Since this is a new location. Does anyone have a route planned? Can you share file route map so new folks can save it to their GPS?

Here is the route I use from my house. I’m working on changing it to
start at the new location.:

Here is the updated GPS route that I ride all the time. Yes it is ALL paved but hilly. I have the GPS file but can’t attach it in this forum. Go to the link to download it.

Blue Ridge Baptist 27

Below is a link to a test route for Wednesday nights. VDOT has paved (tared and chipped) Oak Shade connecting Ryland Church to 229 @ Waterford road. I have a couple possible loops that take advantage of that new pavement but need a place to start in Rixeyville. (I haven’t ridden the whole route but think is should work.)


Brittany L. Davis-Pannill

Andy will also have old fashion cue sheets.


Brittany L. Davis-Pannill

Didn’t know Oak Shade was paved. This is a great route.

This ride was fantastic!! Thanks to those who planned it. It even
went through Wayne’s World and past Stately Wayne Manor. Great group

Wayne ( on your left )