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36 Mile Birthday Ride

Hi All! My birthday is Wednesday January 15th and it is forecasted to be 60 degrees F. I’m going to take a half day at work and do a ride at 1 PM. Would anyone care to join me? I have looked at modifying the WNR Hebron Valley Loop from Prince Michel Winery. I’m open to route suggestions. I hope you can make it!

Actually, Steve and I were already on planning on riding Wednesday afternoon from VeloConcepts if you want to join us from there we can have a big group.


I have my heart set on riding in Madison and taking in the the Mountain View’s. Enjoy your ride!

As the self-appointed speaker on behalf of the B group…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!:tada:

Happy Birthday Julie….if you’re in Madison, stop by Home Port Farm for some cold beer for your birthday afterwards.

Thanks Dee Dee!

Happy Birthday, Julie, and have a great ride.

Barry PH

Thank you Barry! You are welcome to join us. We will be in your neighborhood!

Thanks, Julie. Believe it or not, I’m heading to Winchester in the morning to take my CDL School Bus Driver road test! I’d rather be cycling!


Happy Birthday Julie! Wish I could ride with you tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Julie !

Happy birthday!

Me too. Happy Birthday Julie! Enjoy the ride

Happy birthday, Julie. Have a great ride. Sorry I have to work today.

Just stepped out for lunch… amazingly nice weather for January! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Julie! Have a great ride. After 20 yrs of enjoyable biking and the after ride socials with a great group of friends, I will miss you all as I have hung up my cleats,helmet and water bottles. You have 35 more good yrs ahead of you to match my age. Be safe and enjoy the run.

Mike….you will be missed………

From being a long time coworker for many years and riding out with me and encouraging me during the rides, I will definitely miss you.


Thanks Dee. Have many safe fun rides.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Had a great ride and some nice wine at Prince Michel to celebrate 36 miles in January.

Viggy, I’m sorry to hear you are not cycling. Loved riding with you and appreciate your encouragement through the years! Probably would not have kept coming back for Wednesday or Sunday rides if it weren’t for people like you.