Culpeper Cycling Rides Forum

2020 Spring Rides & Events

It’s that time of the year… with the clock change comes the official opening of Road Season! And as you know, this week marks the official start of Culpeper’s Weekly Rides.

Culpeper is lucky to have so many ride options, and with the addition of a few new opportunities, we now have up to 5 rides per week .

Check out the full calendar of events & rides in our Ride Calendar.

NEW – Monthly Beginner & Skills Ride

First Monday of Every Month - 6:00 PM

This year in cooperation with VeloConcepts, Culpeper Cycling will be hosting a monthly Beginner & Road Skills Ride. This ride will take place the first Monday of every month (starting April 6) at ** 5:30 PM for parking lot practice** and a road ride at 6:00 PM . Each session will begin from VeloConcepts.

Wednesday Night Ride Series

Wednesday’s @ 6:00 PM
Back again this year is the ever-popular Wednesday Night Ride Series. This weekly ride rotates around the area and features a new route & starting location. The ride is a social cycling ride that attracts riders of many different abilities, interests, and backgrounds who come together to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow cyclists. Riders of all abilities are welcome to attend.

Thursday Night Recovery Rides

Thursday’s @ 6:00 PM
The ride takes place every Thursday evening throughout the season and starts from VeloConcepts at 6:00 PM. We follow the same route (about 23 miles) and the pace is generally conversational, slower riders will have a chance to re-group too. Rides will start from VeloConcepts at 6:00 PM, and all are invited to hang around after the ride for some good ‘ol socializing.

Saturday Coffee + Bikes Ride

Saturday’s @ 10:00 AM
Starting the first Saturday in April, join us at VeloConcepts & 18 Grams Coffee Lab for a road ride every Saturday all season long. The rides are variable in length but are generally 2 hours or more.

Sunday Rides

Sunday’s (Start Time Varies)
The ride week ends with a weekly Sunday Ride! The route and starting location vary, so please be sure to visit and signup for Culpeper Cycling’s Rides Forum to get the latest ride information and changes. However, the first Sunday of every month we host the Sunday’s First Ride , which starts at VeloConcepts at 10:00 AM .

Additional Upcoming Rides

Rapha DC Clubhouse Road & Road Ride - 3/15 at 9:30 AM
Coffee, bikes & gravel, what a better way than to spend a day on the bike. Join the Rapha DC Clubhouse at VeloConcepts for a gravel (optional) and road ride. We have 4 routes planned, two gravel routes (45 mile & 63 mile), and two all-road routes (31 mile & 62 mile). The gravel routes are designed as gravel optional, meaning each of the gravel sections can be skipped for an all road ride.

Tour de Madison – Saturday, May 16 at 8:30 AM
Now in its 33rd year, the Tour de Madison is a staple of the local riding calendar. With three route options available (65 mile, 45 mile & 2o mile) this is a great ride for riders of all abilities. At the end of the ride, a great meal and entertainment is awaiting the riders.

For more information and to read more about all of these great events, check out our blog.